We can rebuild and transform Enugu State. It begins with electing a visionary, resolute and compassionate Governor.


If you believe that Enugu can rise again, that water can flow from our taps, that our roads can be smooth again, that our children and youth can be educated to reach their potential, that senior citizens can retire with dignity, that women deserve honor and opportunity, that wealth by any means must not corrupt our society and polity, and that leaders must serve you and not themselves; then I humbly also ask that you join hands and faith with us in believing that together we can do this. I need you to be my voice in your family and your community. I need your contribution in kind and in cash. So go to to sign up as a volunteer or make a donation and then, hold me accountable in the spirit of Oha Nwe Eze - the real power belongs to you, the people!

Only together, with every effort, with every contribution counting, can we make this happen.

God bless you.

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