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Frank Nweke II

Frank has 13 years proven leadership experience at both State and Federal government levels and well over 20 years of same in the private sector of the economy.  An expert in the administration of human resources, and brand strategist per excellence in both the public and private sector. He has built a strong foundation in public administration and public management over time, from high-level leadership roles in the public service as well as from education at the Harvard University Kennedy School of government, the Aspen Institute, Colorado and University of Maiduguri.

Frank has remained above board in all the private and public sector roles that he has occupied, and is today, regarded as one of the few highly respected public servants in Nigeria. He is a student of the concept of leadership and followership as shared responsibility and had consistently chosen the path of public service, remaining committed to fostering good governance in Nigeria through the promotion of public/ private dialogues and advocacy for a leading role for the private sector in economic development. The recognition of his intellect, dedication to duty and personal integrity as the Chief of Staff to the Government of Enugu State led to his appointment as a Federal Minster in 2003 making him one of the youngest members of the Nigerian Federal Cabinet in which he served. He currently sits on the boards of some of Nigeria’s leading companies for the similar considerations.

In February, 2009, Frank was appointed the Director – General of Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), an office he occupies to date. The Nigerian Economic Summit Group was founded in 1996 as a platform for public-private sector cooperation on Nigeria’s economic development. Since assuming the leadership of the NESG in 2009, he has ensured that the recommendations from the annual Nigerian Economic Summit are considered by the Federal Executive Council, Nigeria’s highest decision making body. He has worked conscientiously to transform the NESG into a world-class think-tank by fostering linkages and partnerships with the World Economic Forum, Brookings Institute and the Center for the study of the Economies of Africa, among others.

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