Frank Nweke II To Contest for 2015 Senatorial Elections


It is my intention to contest election into Nigeria’s Senate to represent the Enugu East Senatorial Zone in Enugu state under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015. I hereby seek your moral and financial support for this purpose.

Though borne out of a strong desire to provide quality representation for my constituents, I am critically aware that Nigeria is at a difficult moment in its history. An insurgency persists in Northern Nigeria. Citizens are overwhelmed with despair about insecurity and poverty.

In times like this, enlightened citizens have the responsibility to lead the way in the search for solutions to critical issues that undermine the dignity of our people and threaten the existence of our country

My decision to join other patriots who have offered themselves for elective offices in 2015 has therefore come after thorough soul searching and communion with God, my family, consultation with my constituents, friends and associates.

I believe that we must be the change we want to see according to Mahatma Ghandi. Nation building is a collective responsibility. Sitting on the fence and pointing accusing fingers is not productive.

I first came to public service15 years ago and have served in various capacities, across sectors with civility, integrity and dedication, gaining tremendous knowledge and experience on development strategy and public policy. The interest, welfare and wellbeing of our people have guided my actions, in the true essence of public service and my strict upbringing.

As Senator, I will be an advocate for children, youth and women. They are the bedrock of every society and the most vulnerable in peace and war. They are central to building a sustainable future for any country.

I will advocate for the prioritization of their education and healthcare through the sponsorship and support of relevant bills and programs.

National unemployment rates of 24% and over 40% in the age group of 16-44 years neither augurs well for our youth nor for Nigeria’s future and development aspirations. Significant efforts will therefore be devoted to mobilizing bipartisan support for bills and programs that will catalyze improvements in our education and health systems, the development of vocational skills and job creation.

My work at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group in the last 5years has availed me the unique opportunity to gain an uncommon understanding of the working of Nigeria’s public and private sectors.

During my time in the Senate therefore, I will continually propose and support the passage and or amendment of the many critical legislation, which will unlock growth in key sectors of our economy but have remained unpassed for several years.

Since I made my intentions public, my associates and I have received threats, but we are neither discouraged nor intimidated. Emissaries have suggested I am too gentle to play electoral politics but time will tell. Some of our opponents have deployed official machinery against us but I remain undaunted. Some have even taunted us for being ‘too poor’ to fund an election, but I have you.

Let my candidacy be unlike any other before now. Let my election into the senate in 2015 be a reference point in our political history. Let it become a testament that sovereignty will always reside with the people.

Join a political party if you are not in one. Register to vote if you are of voting age and whether or not you belong to a political party. Support candidates who will be accountable to our people. Demand accountability from elected and appointed public officials. It is both a responsibility and a right!

It is the only way that we can change the game. It is the only way we can take our country back. I cannot see how else we can catalyze the change we want.

I therefore ask you to please come with me on this journey for the sake of God and country. Let’s change the game!

In order to support the FNII FOR SENATE 2015 CAMPAIGN please visit my website at Donations and contributions can be made into the FNII4SENATE2015 GT Bank account number 014-284-1469 with sort code number 058083215.

Frank Nweke II         

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  1. what does he need money for?If his ppl believe in him that he can deliver they will vote for him,I don’t understand why is ask the members of the public for donation,
    His my guy,I like like the way he speak,I hv been following him right from the time he was the information minister.

  2. This is 419. What did you do when you were a minister that you want to go for senate? Now you want donations from those you oppressed as a minister. Kindly take this website off.

  3. pls vote for FN JNR. He was a minister but he was taking instructions from the President. Now he is going to take instructions from his Voters. pls Vote for him.
    myself and my team are for FN the 2nd

  4. Please can you give us your Kinsmen the score Card on your achievements as Chief of Staff under Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani Administration or as Minister of Information (when almost Three Federal Parastatals where under you). Try and redeem your battered image first before talking of donations.

  5. A brilliant young man with great energy and enthusiasm. May make some difference and is worthy for consideration. I will support him

  6. I had written a letter to the Hon. Minister for Youth Development asking the Ministry to support my newly published work on Youths. The title of the Book is Youth Awake: A Call to Nation Building. By then i was working with Ajaokuta Steel Company. I had traveled from Kogi State to Abuja to submit the letter in the office of the then Youth Minister after which i returned to Ajaokuta. Two weeks later, I had traveled back to Abuja to check the progress of my letter. The Secretary to the Hon. Minister had told me that the Minister had given instruction to his PA to invite me to see him over the matter and that i should see the PA, showing me the PA’s office. When i was able to see the PA, a rather small- framed but obviously pretty lady, she reluctantly confirmed that the Hon. Minister directed her to invite me to see him on the matter but that she had not found time to call me on phone. She said the Minister was in the office but busy he wont be able to see me that day. I had explained to her that i live and work in Kogi State so she should please see how i could see the Minister but she said i should come ‘next week.’ In summary, i traveled to Abuja more than ten times after that, spending almost all my several months salaries on the road but the lady did not let me see the Minister until he was reassigned to the Ministry of Information. That Youth Minister was Frank Nweke Jnr. Personally, the fact that the Minister read my letter, directed that I should be invited to see him when he did not know me was enough to endear him to my heart. I was disappointed and angry with what the PA did to me. But deep inside me, i kept praying for the good and progress of Frank Nweke. I later left Ajaokuta and moved to Abuja to become a journalist. I have since then being tracking the activities of Frank, admiring him secretively even as he made giant strides both as a public officer and later as an entrepreneur, being one of the indigenous investors in the communication industry. I also know what he is contributing to the nation as a member of the Economic Group. There was a day i ran into him at the national secretariat of the Citizenship and Leadership Training Center Abuja. That was some four years ago. He was coming down the step and i had excused him. He stopped and i just said ‘sorry sir. You are a good man but there is no time to have a talk with you. Can i have your phone number?’ He looked at me and handed me his business card. His number is still on my contact list but i never bothered to call him since then. Thank God for His mercies, I have played my part as a reporter, rising to become Publishing Editor of Daily Times online with additional responsibility of publishing Books for the Company having worked with different media organisation before setting up my own media group African Leadership Score-card Publishing Limited, a Performance Strategy for Institutions and Leaders to showcase their exploits in Service. My take on Nweke is that he is a good man. He is well qualified to move into partisan politics. I see him as a cerebral intellectual and technocrat who would make a good lawmaker. Nweke is master in the art of public speaking. Although I am from Imo State, but i will support his aspirations through prayers and especially writing of articles which is my Unique Selling Preposition. May God bless and prosper this noble dream IJN Amen. .

  7. Frank is vibrant he can be a good senator, but to solicit from financial support is deceit. He has acquired much to contest for that position.
    I can vote for you because the senators from Enugu East except Ken Nnamani have been docile so we need a Frank Nweke to be there.
    But money take it off, we even want the one you got to share for us.

  8. Mr. Frank Nweke II, you have my 100% support. It is people like you that will represent Ndigbo in the 8th Senate. Time for mediocre representatives are gone. I make bold to tell you that the Senate should be a means to your final destination. Because I have vision for you as one of those that will contest for a President of Igbo extraction come 2019. Goodluck my brother.

  9. Dear Mr Frank Nweke Jr, I know you like many nigerians. You are eminently qualified to hold any office in the land but I have some reservations. Anyway I wish you. Well

  10. Thank God for endowing us with a kind hearted and people orientent frank Nweke 11. A vote for U sir, is a vote for humanity. Gallant on for the house of senate 2015 is sure for U. God bless and direct your footsteps amen.

  11. as much as i like you and your ambition to become a senator… my worry and concern is the platform on which you are going because PDP has failed this nation serious and belief people like you should seek for alternate mean so that that change we desire can be achieve… all the best…..

  12. It’s not a bad idea to solicit for donations. Our almighty Obama got donations. With that our leaders won’t end up doing or dieing either funds for the election nor with an auto recovery mindset for spent cash once in office. #iSUPPORT

  13. Dear Mr. Frank, I also have my reservations around the PDP platform you intend to run. Like all politicians, there are no permanent beds or enemies, so tomorrow you may decide to be in APC. Well, my vote is yours if you can declare your assets and submit your last 6yrs bank(s) statements to the judiciary for integrity test. Also, I wish you would tell us how you intend to refund, sorry payback….i meant compensate for donations you receive.

  14. Frank, you’re a mentor to Nigeria youths. I’ve been following your pattern of administration from your days as a Minister to your present position as DG., NESG.
    Me and my friends are behind you. Ride on

  15. I am thankful to God for brilliant minds like Frank the II. I read his views and I see why he chose the fund raising style. Grassroots is what its all about. Before you judge him, read his views. Nija will benefit from people who have love of country and have a vision for change that will benefit not just the connected people, but the ones who have no voice or godfathers in the system. Yes he was a minister, but he is still in the public office and is still a relevant voice making Nigeria proud. Besides, he is a havard alumni. I’ll consider him anyday no matter what platform he runs from. May the God bless and keep him IJN.

  16. No doubt you represent a group of the finest Nigeria can offer the world. Your desire to be a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is laudable, should be commended and supported. I however suggest you run with a strong sense of purpose and desire to make positive impact in your senatorial district and not join the ‘bandwagon politicians’ whose only desires and goals are to distribute exercise books to students and build boreholes in this 21st century. Run with dignity and be a bright shinning light in the midst of darkness (corrupt politicians).

  17. I belive in your vision concerning this nation. i really desire to support this course. i aslo belive one of the best things you can do for this nation is to encourage minds like yours to aspire for positions of governance, else things wont change and like Obama was supported by ordinary people coming together, i belive you and your likes can make it. if every one contributes a little, we will achive a lot. im contributing Frank and may God bless you.

  18. I am really impressed to see brilliant mind like you taking the bold step to change the rule of the game in a positive way. We are solidly behind you.
    I will like you to give it a shot come 2019, God keeping you alive, to vie for the president of this country. If we had the likes of you in PDP and the likes of Fashola in APC running for the presidential post come 2019 then we know that we are on the path of great nation.
    God bless you. His grace be with you all the way.

  19. Frank Nweke ii, I was privileged to listen to u at d university of ibadan,where u came to talk to us as undergraduates. Every one in that lecture theater at d faculty of d social sciences had a taste of your brilliance,eloquence and more importantly your understanding of the Nigerian vision.I personally was like wow…..what a man because you spoke passionately for hours without reading from notes or any book.I have since followed you and now I can boldly say ‘congratulations Nigeria’. I.pray you succeed. I will campaign for u,though I’m not from your senatorial district. God bless Frank Nweke ii, God bless Nigeria Youth. God bless Nigeria.

  20. Durojaiyè Ayotunde

    I have followed this man right from 2004 when he was the minister of information
    . I was just 8 yrs then and I have always been impressed with him. A combo of he and fashola will be superb for 2019.

  21. I desire your zeal and enthusiasm spirit to serve your constituent people. I will both join you in prayer and technicalities sir, well done…

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