My Opening Address at the National Confab 2014


I  would like to describe that speech as perhaps one of the best of the Jonathan Presidency for its depth and import, its delivery and its’ potential to impact the course of our history as a nation.

That speech was profound in several respects but its most important element for me was the opportunity that it affords us to confront our problems as a people as captured here: “We cannot continue to fold our arms and assume that things will straighten themselves in due course, instead of taking practical steps to overcome impediments on our path to true nationhood, rapid development and national prosperity.”

Indeed, Nigeria cannot develop by accident. No nation has and can develop by accident. The old and new civilisations which we aspire to be like were not built by accident. They were not built by mediocre. They were not built by kleptomaniacs. They were not built by ethnic and religious irredentists. They were built by visionaries who were disciplined. They were built through a conscious and dedicated effort anchored on deep commitment to the welfare and well-being of their people and their place in the world. These nations have continued to make progress for the same considerations today.

My country cannot be different. This conference affords Nigeria opportunity for a renaissance. In this second decade of Nigeria’s 2nd century, we can have a new beginning. But, first we must mobilise a national consensus on a national development philosophy. It is such a philosophy that will underpin our economic policies and development. We must be clear what we want as a people? What is our national ethos? What are our irreducible national development priorities, irrespective of party or government? What is our place in the world today? And where do we want to be in the future following a clear time line.

It is such a clear development philosophy anchored on the importance of leadership as distinct from political authority that will guide the role and place of both leaders and followers as they evolve in our polity. It is this philosophy that will help or enable our leaders understand the spiritual burden they bear as leaders and the cosmic responsibility imposed on them to cater to the 167million people created by the Almighty God in a country called Nigeria, situated on the west coast of the continent of Africa.

Let us check and see that all through human history, the greatest progress in different countries have been achieved  under the guidance of leaders who have a deep sense of personal awareness about their reason for being, a keen sense of foresight and great personal discipline and appreciation of the transient nature of human existence. These leaders endowed as they were understood nature’s law of karma. There are consequences for every action or inaction!

Even though I have come here on the platform of the organised private sector I have chosen not to dwell on issues of either macro or micro economic policy for the simple reason that these policies however well thought out can only be implemented in an atmosphere of peace and security.

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  1. Frank Nweke should not only run for senate but for presidency as well.We are blessed to have such brians in our country. If we the citizens of our country can only look deep and vote for change, we will be dancing and enjoying the benefit. We desperately seek for change. We should give the Technocrats chance to do that.Frank is passionate about change. I pray that God wil give him a chance to prove himself again and again.

  2. Change is the only constant thing in life. Change we seek and change we shall get… Frank is the change Nigerians need now. Go ahead Nigerians Statue of Liberty

  3. This is about the most inspiring speech i have heard from a person in both the organized private sector and public scene. Such brilliance and charisma shouldn’t go to waste…We really need more young technocrats for leadership positions…Sometimes all what we the citizenry needs is someone who knows our history while understanding the path to be forged ahead.

  4. Comrade Onu Ogbonnaya Onu Visions.

    Frank is an epitome of true beauracracy. The people of the East are d only people endowed with such high profile wisdom. Frank is 4rm d East. Unfortunately the political creed of Nigeria as a nation does not favor the Eastern man to d nation’s helm of affairs thereby lacking the ful golden opportunity to witnes and experience technocratism of wise democracy. I love u Frank. Keep on. The tide of the creed is fast changing as the day of reckoning is near. We are proud although in humility to GOD having u in the EAST.

  5. Daniel Etim Inyang

    Frank Nweke II is an excellent candidate for leadership in Nigeria. I admire him for his intelligence, understanding of socio-economic development and for his character. I have had a personal relationship with him and I can always vouch for his competence on this matter. I hope he runs again, but this time for President or even starting as a Governor in his state. I will campaign for him.

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